Module 1 - Digital Certification

Digitize your processes and profit from real-time data.

Reduce your CO2 footprint and go paperless.

Activate the warranty digitally within 15 seconds.

Instead of collecting sales data every month and struggling with different data formats, use the digital warranty activation tool, and Adresta does the rest for you. Create a sales report in just 3 seconds. Standardize product tracking between your distributors and retailers. Adresta enables real-time sell-in sell-out data and inventory overviews, enabling you to manage production and inventory predictively. Our process is flexible; the warranty activation process can include physical cards, QR codes, serial numbers, or work completely digital. In any case, you get access to real-time sales inventory data and a dashboard showing performance by model or region.

Get real-time sales data while reducing printed paper and adding more security and convenience.


An easy web application to activate the warranty and profit from real-time data

Customize and Integrate

Adresta has experience in implementing various warranty activation flows and offers a convenient web application that facilitates the process.

Notifications for the end customer

Our notification feature alerts consumers when the warranty expires, or servicing is recommended. Add value for the consumer and profit from extra business.

Real-time sales data

Know the exact time and location of a sell-out and facilitate communication with your distributors and retailers. Allow your watch owners to register their purchase to double-check the warranty activation.

Smart Algorithms

We use the sales data to do predictive inventory management for your specific regions and dealers. Our smart reports enable you and your business partners.

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What our customers want you to know about us

Adresta was a key partner in the launch of our watch brand and advised us on the warranty activation process. Their flexible approach allowed us to get started fast and provide our customers with a secure blockchain authenticity certificate kept in the trusted Swiss data centres of the Swiss Trust Chain, a low energy consumption private blockchain.

E. + R. Festa Bianchet Owners, Bianchet SA

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Automatically issue an NFT or tamperproof digital certificate when the product is purchased

Secure brand heritage, represent ownership and make your products genuinely scarce. An NFT or digital certification adds trust and enables new business models for brands.

Our software allows brands to quickly issue NFTs and digital certificates for their product. Fill out a predefined excel or use one of the ERP integrations and Adresta handles the rest. The NFT proves the product's authenticity and represents a tamperproof, scarce, and tradable asset. It has only one rightful owner and the ownership history is tracked with a timestamp and signature. Brands can use the convenient certification software of Adresta where a branded PDF is automatically created at the point of sale or resale. This PDF can be downloaded and drag-and-dropped on any partner website to check authenticity, time of issue, status, and brand signature.


A digital certificate is already issued for

  • New watches sold online and offline
  • Ceritfied-pre-owned watches
  • Existing watches (before resale or inheritance)
  • Serviced watches, e.g. a service certificate

Adresta enables a cost-efficient, tamper-proof, and media-breakage-free data storage on the blockchain.

It provides proof that a document has been legally issued and proves the integrity, time span and origin of the data. Simple system integrations ensures real-time certification and verification of data without media disruption.

30 seconds to create an NFT or digital certificate for your products


The information stored in the NFT or on the digital certificate can't be altered due to the underlying blockchain architecture.

Signed by the brand, owned by anyone

The NFT or digital certificate has a signature linked to the author. Therefore, only official brands and partners can create a trustworthy NFT or certificate.


Where products and their documents are forged and copied, the NFT or digital certificate exists only once and incorporates more trust when reselling.

Get access beyond the first buyer

Get notifications when a watch is sold on the secondhand market.

What our customers want you to know about us

For years, watchmakers have feared that digitization would spoil the passion for beautiful mechanical timepieces. Today, digitization is put at the service of Haute Horology to protect items that defend the state-of-the-art of mechanical intelligence and craftsmanship. We invite all watchmakers to join this journey with Adresta to benefit the whole watch-loving community. Since the brand's rebirth, Czapek has been proud of its family. Thanks to our fundraising, we became transparent and open. This helped us to build a unique community. I believe Adresta is a logical way to foster this community and make it stronger for the benefit of watch lovers worldwide. We are proud to be their partner.

X. de Roquemaurel Owner, Czapek & Cie

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Authenticate existing products for the secondary market and create an NFT

Create a digital identity for the products sold on the secondary market and increase trust.

Are you a brand, dealer, secondhand platform, auction house or expert and want to leverage the potential of Digital? Adresta’s convenient software allows you to upload the product information, along with images, documents or history pieces. Then, you as an expert certify the condition and automatically issue an NFT or digital certificate for the buyer.

Leverage your expertise to build up a digital history and documentation of the product.


Open up for a trustworthy, mobile-first and convenient secondary shopping experience.

Digital information

Make all information, documents, images, reports and videos digitally available for the end-consumer via the user-friendly Adresta mobile app.

It's all about trust

The digital identity accompanies the product during its entire lifetime, building up its history. This allows for more trust and transparency. Despite lifecycle transparency, the privacy of the end consumer is always granted since the owner decides with whom he wants to share the data.

Add value

It is the perfect way to sustain and increase the product's value on the secondary market due to higher transparency and trust.

Leverage your community

Access the owners of the products you sold and send them targeted news and offers.

What our customers want you to know about us

What we perceive as luxury is changing. Some attributes like proximity and exclusivity remain, while others like sustainability are new. Sustainability and craftsmanship are becoming luxury. In particular, younger consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of luxury goods. With zrhbrg.., we want to do much more than promote a brand-driven offering or capitalize on the rise of online sales, but to spread understanding of the history and aesthetics behind a Swiss watch. The solution provided by Adresta incorporates this vision.

E. Limbach Founder, zrhbrg.

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