Unfalsifiable, digital product identity

Direct communication with watch owners, data driven sales and real-time production planning. Around this digital certificate, new emotions and interaction possibilities for the whole watch ecosystem arise.

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With Adresta you issue a digital certificate for your manufactured or serviced watch. This certificate accompanies the watch its entire lifetime, building up its history - allowing trust and transparency.
Adresta connects the manufacturer, retailer and watch owner with one another - creating a new level of interaction for the watch ecosystem.
Every participant in the watch ecosystem receives added value. Read more about them below.


Watch Owner


    Keep track of every single document and receipt. Get a certificate that proofs the authenticity of the watch, and your rightful ownership. Share the relevant details with family and friends, insurance or bank representatives, customs officials, heir or heiress and second-hand buyers.


    Plan your service or repair efficiently and keep track of your timepiece. Early notifications will remind you that the watch is going to be ready within the following few days. Planning a holiday and thinking of taking your watch with you? Get easy access to insurance quotation without the hassle of finding every relevant document or proof of ownership. Flag your watch in case it is stolen or lost and profit from an easy, smooth and secure process afterwards.


    Every watch needs to be kept intact through revisions. As an owner, you are not able to see what the experts do with your beloved timepieces. Get behind the scenes images with insights of your watch, including a full report on what the watchmaker did. This information will be securely stored as a digital service certificate.

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  • Learn who your customers are

    Get to know your customers and let them have a look behind the scenes. Build relationships and focus your time and passion on relevant consumer groups.

  • Turn customers into fans

    Keep your customers close and communicate them relevant information about offers and limited editions according to their interests. With the unique customer experience that Adresta provides, you can turn your customers into fans of your brand.

  • Make your customers life easier

    Issue digital certificates for new timepieces as well as existing ones. Digitally verify the watches and allow for a hassle-free insurance process, heritage or CPO market sale.

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  • Deliver the most-wanted customer experience

    Have you booked a celebrity for a special event, but only a few have turned up? Know the preferences of your customer and plan your marketing and customer relationship accordingly.

  • Secure ownership & authenticity for customers

    You can certify pre-owned watches with your brand and thus support your customers to digitally store their watches. With your certificate, you increase the trust of consumers enable them to have an easy and save access to the pre-owned market.

  • Show customers what the service of tomorrow will look like, today

    Offer digital service quotes upfront and give insights into the service and repair process, for example, with images and videos of the inside of their beloved timepiece. Make the service process an easy, smooth and most importantly, an enjoyable event.

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Watch Owner

Safe and simple processes
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Watch protection

Have all documents at one place and simplified processes like insurance or theft report.


Create trust when selling or passing on the watch and give access to the digital certificate.


Get an immutable and unforgeable digital certificate and proof authenticity and ownership.


Protection of brand value
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Fight forgeries and grey market sales with digital information.

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Track and optimize the sales performance and production with real-time information.


Increase the ROI of your marketing budget by targeted communication.


Access automated communication
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Target your communication and maximize your advertisement efforts.


Be more transparent and show your customers what is happening during a service or repair.


Position yourself as an innovative player in the watch industry and offer the customer experience of tomorrow.

In the media


1 Oct 2021

Alles App-gespeichert

By Uhren & Juwelen

Luxusuhren sind nicht mehr nur Zeitmesser oder Statussymbol, sie entwickeln sich auch immer mehr zur veritablen Geldanlage. Da tun entsprechende Systeme für Dokumentation und Legitimation not.

Von der Idee auf einem Post-it zum Start-up Handelszeitung

24 Sep 2021

Von der Idee auf einem Post-it zum Start-up:

By HandelsZeitung

Mathew Chittazhathu, CEO Startup Adresta, glaubt an die Zukunft der eingebetteten Versicherungen – wenn vorne sinnvolle Dienste angeboten werden. - Von Matthias Niklowitz


22 Jul 2021

Adresta schliesst Finanzierungsrunde ab und erweitert Angebot

By Startupticker

Die Helvetia Versicherung und die ETH Foundation haben zusammen mit weiteren Investoren, in Adresta investiert, ein Zürcher Startup, das sich auf die Erstellung digitaler Identitäten für Uhren spezialisiert hat. Eine Zusammenarbeit mit Swisscom...


18 Jun 2021

Adresta relies on Swisscom Blockchain

By Swisscom

The Swiss start-up Adresta creates Blockchain-based certificates for luxury watches that guarantee authenticity throughout the entire life cycle. In an interview, CTO Leonie Flückiger explains why Adresta now relies on Electronic Seal from Swisscom Blockchain.


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