Module 3 - Digital After Sales

Profit from data along the product life cycle and facilitate after-sales processes.

Service and repair become an exclusive experience

Adresta enables you to collect data from the service process and keep your customer informed.

Allow your customers to be part of the service and repair process. Make your customers excited by transparently showing them the service and repair process's current state. Give them new insights and let them experience their watch differently. The service process becomes an easy, smooth, and enjoyable event.

At the same time, you collect relevant data for your internal processes, such as insights about product quality, the time necessary for a service, and the overall status of the watch. Adresta facilitates the warranty handling for the service center and customers since the status is tracked for every individual watch digitally.

What makes Adresta different from the others

New insights from service & repair for you and your owners


Turn your customers into real fans through a never seen before experience and digital process. Images of the inner life of the watch bring new perspectives.

Profit from relevant data

Use data on product quality, service time or inventory and optimize production.

Transparent two-way communication

Engage with your customer and share behind the scenes.

Facilitate after-sales processes

Facilitate ordering parts when the service center has access to the information of the unique watch. Handle the communication with the customer in a digital, practical and emotional way.

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What our customers want you to know about us

Adresta will allow us to give our customers new insights. With the Adresta solution, we can keep our customers updated regarding their watch service and repair process. Once we go live, this will allow us to keep our administration low since the customer now finds all relevant information about the watch repair on the Adresta platform.

R. Prader Owner, LABHART Chronometrie & Goldschmiede

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Offer an easy authentication or valuation service to your owners

Get access to the growing secondary market and authenticate products or do estimation on their value.

Build up a service where you help owners digitize their product and certify the condition, origin and ownership. Moreover, an NFT can be issued to create a unique digital asset for the product.

Owners can request an authentication or valuation service directly from the web- or mobile application. After confirming the pickup data & place, the customer simply initiates the payment, packs his product according to the video instructions, and makes it ready for pickup. One of our partners will pick up the product and bring it to you. The owner has a track & trace service, so that he knows when to expect his product back.

New business models become possible because of a mobile-first approach


The authentication service is initiated in less than 90 seconds.

End2End digitally

The whole process is entirely digital. Help the customer to digitize his watch portfolio and hand out digital certificates in case of lost papers.

Be part of the secondhand market

Certify existing watches and access the secondhand market. Help the customer to create trust in the secondhand market and therefore increase the resale price.

Additional revenue stream

Build up an additional revenue stream by authenticating products for the secondhand market.

What our customers say about Authentication

The Authentication service is essential to our users. We are close to our community and get daily requests about the authenticity of watches. We can increase the trust level for future secondhand trades with our service. With Adresta, we can finally structure this into a digital process and add value to our company and followers.

Robin + Leon Founders, Wrist Busters

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What our customers say about Valuation

I believe that the unique solution that Adresta offers is a key factor in enhancing the emotional bond between my customer and the Zeit Zone Zürich AG. The solution from Adresta makes it possible to combine traditional and modern watchmaking with the latest technology and achieve benefits for the entire economic system.

S. Bösch Owner, Zeit Zone Zürich

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Offer more security to your customers

Do it like Apple and offer a care package for your owners.

Allow your customers to get insurance for the watches you produce directly in-store or online. The insurance covers against damage, loss, and theft across the whole world. The insurance enables a stronger bond to your owners and adds value. Just a few clicks, and your customers can wear their watch worry-free.

Covered by known players in the insurance industry, your customers can be sure about receiving the right help whenever they need it.

The process works without paperwork and hassle, the insurance is entirely digital.

What our customers want you to know about us

The insurance service together with Adresta allows us to give our customers an additional benefit. The insurance allows our customers to experience their watch without having to worry about damage, loss or theft.

R. Granito CEO, Formex

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