Module 2 - Owner Application

Join the mobile-first owner ecosystem and increase customer engagement.

Join the mobile-first owner ecosystem and increase customer engagement

Profit from the globally launched Adresta owner application, a UI/UX optimized web- and mobile application. Redefine the ownership experience now.

The watch owner applications connect brands, services and third parties. It is used as a web application and easily integrated into the brand's website. Or brands can profit from the globally live iOS and Android app. The mobile apps can be white-labeled, Adresta can handle the app store and release management.

Web app can be customized and integrated into your website. iOS and Android apps can be white-labelled.


Add value for your owners, that’s when track and trace works!

Offer trusted digital identities

Owners can access and claim ownership of the NFT and digital certificates, which the brand authenticates.

Exclusively communicate with your owners

Owners can follow the newest updates and receive tailormade communication of brands. The brand page allows brands to present the latest news, offers, and links to their respective sites.

The entry ticket to a digital ecosystem

Give your owners access to a digital ecosystem, where value-adding services like insurance, store locator, or lost and stolen services are provided.

Facilitate SAV

Owners can book a service, accept quotations, and receive a transparent service protocol and certificate.

What our customers want you to know about us

Adresta allows us to position our brand as digital frontrunners and issue blockchain-based certificates to our customers. With the digital-first approach of Adresta, we can give our customers new insights into our brand and allow them to experience our watches digitally. We push sustainability since we don't need to print all the paper anymore. Instead, we send additional documentation and communication digitally and direct to our consumers.

R. Baumgartner
Owner, RB Baumgartner

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