Adresta is agnostic

Our architecture works with different identifiers, brand systems and protocols.

Adresta builds on any distributed ledger technology and integrate to any NFT exchange platform. Moreover, the SaaS is independent of the identifier that links the physical object to its digital identity.

A Blockchain is one form of a distributed ledger technology and enables unfalsifiable and decentralized storage of information. With Adresta, brands can store data and documents decentralized, the data cannot be hacked or deleted by individuals.

End-consumers can proof authenticity of the data from everywhere, independent of Adresta or the brand. Versions and changes of the data can be tracked. The data is timestamped, signed and available to the rightful owner.



NFT on Ethereum

Issue a non-fungible token on the largest public blockchain network Ethereum. The Adresta Software allows brands to fill out the information, add images and automatically create an NFT.


Digital Certificate on Swiss Trust Chain:

The Swiss Trust Chain is on Hyperledger Fabric, a private permissioned blockchain by IBM, designed for track & trace use cases. It allows for the needed scalability and data on a need-to-know basis. Adresta certification is on the Swiss Trust Chain, a private DLT infrastructure, that helps to deliver the definitions and standards required for secure, regulated, interoperable and reliable Swiss DLT systems.

The Swiss Trust Chain incorporates Swiss jurisdiction, data storage in Switzerland, high reputation due to Swiss trusted partners, high security due to Tier4 data centers (bank grade), and is a certified sustainable solution. Adresta stores information tamper-proof, signed, timestamped and encrypted. An easy certification and validation process enables a successful and sustainable data storage.

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With Adresta relying on Swisscom's Electronic Seal to verify the authenticity of luxury watches, we see a game-changing solution which can be easily adopted for many other industries too." Lukas Hohl, CEO of Swisscom Blockchain.

L. Hohl CEO, Swisscom Blockchain

Read more about the sustainable blockchain project with Swisscom here

Integrate the solution into your ERP

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MEMOIRE, Software for jewelry and watch retail


Microsoft Dynamics 365, ERP and CRM solution Adresta is supported by Microsoft via the Microsoft for Startups Switzerland Program Read more about Adresta and Microsoft here

Use the solution with your CRM


HubSpot, platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software


Salesforce, CRM service and enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Combine the solution with your Online Shop


WooCommerce, eCommerce platform built on WordPress


Shopify, eCommerce platform Adresta integrated next to the digital certification also the sales of insurance into shopify.

Read more in this Use Case

Use the solution with your preferred Distributed Ledger Technology


Ethereum, decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality


Swiss Trust Chain, operated and provided by Swisscom, Swiss Post, and trusted external partners in a consortium. The ledger is distributed across T4 data centers (highest security level) of the partners, the Swiss Trust Chain is certified sustainable.


Hyperledger Besu, Ethereum client designed to be enterprise-friendly for both public and private permissioned network


Polygon, secondary scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, market place such as OpenSea


Solana, public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality, market place such as Magic Eden