Numerous happy customers and owners

Our customer select their modules according to their needs.

Adresta build the first modular and fully agnostic SaaS for the watch and luxury industry. The different modules along the value chain allow our customers highest flexibility.

Adresta is experienced in enabling brands to engage with their end customers. The market expects brands to offer a digital ecosystem, build emotional connections and take social responsibility. All this is included the plug-and-play solution our company offers.

Secure brand heritage

Today, it is difficult to get secure information about the origin and the history of luxury products. In cooperation with watch manufacturers and retailers, ETH Zurich Spin-off Adresta brings this technology to market.


Bianchet launched their high-end watch brand in 2021

Bianchet launched its high-end watch brand in 2021. Adresta accompanied the warranty and digital certification process from the beginning to identify the best solution for their size. We set up a two-way warranty activation process. In the case of direct-to-consumer sales, Bianchet activates the warranty digitally. In other cases, consumers can register the purchase themselves. Adresta enables Bianchet to add value and a high level of security for their watch owners. We reduced paper and gave the owners access to the digital twin watch, including the warranty status and digital blockchain certificate.


Adresta was a key partner in the launch of our watch brand and advised us on the warranty activation process. Their flexible approach allowed us to get started fast and provide our customers with a secure blockchain authenticity certificate kept in the trusted Swiss data centres of the Swiss Trust Chain, a low energy consumption private blockchain.

E. + R. Festa Bianchet
Owners, Bianchet SA


From paper-based to digital-first

Czapek Genève uses Adresta software as an ERP and has an easy overview of the manufactured, sold and owned watches. Together with Czapek, Adresta created a template for all the watches, including bespoke models. The template is filled out manually with information about the produced and upcoming watches. With an Excel upload, references and serial numbers are uploaded into Adresta software and images/documents can be quickly added. Based on the uploaded information, an NFT is created for all the watches. Every newly sold watch comes with its tamperproof, unique and information-enriched non-fungible token. This adds transparency in the supply chain and enhances the emotional value of Czapek watches.

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For years, watchmakers have feared that digitization would spoil the passion for beautiful mechanical timepieces. Today, digitization is put at the service of Haute Horology to protect items that defend the state-of-the-art of mechanical intelligence and craftsmanship. We invite all watchmakers to join this journey with Adresta to benefit the whole watch-loving community. Since the brand's rebirth, Czapek has been proud of its family. Thanks to our fundraising, we became transparent and open. This helped us to build a unique community. I believe Adresta is a logical way to foster this community and make it stronger for the benefit of watch lovers worldwide. We are proud to be their partner.

X. de Roquemaurel CEO, Czapek & Cie


Merging the past with the future:

The digital curation platform zrhbrg., which brings Swiss vintage watches to the world, aims to revolutionize the Swiss watch industry with its digital buying experience. Together with Adresta, zrhbrg. gives timepieces with historical value a digital identity and enables their important origin data to be immortalized using blockchain technology. Zrhbrg. uses the Adresta software to create a digital asset for every vintage watch. The authenticity of the watches is validated by their experts here in Switzerland. Important information used for identification is read out and stored on our forgery-proof platform, the Swiss Trust Chain. The Swiss Trust Chain, a Blockchain infrastructure based in Switzerland, can determine whether the passport has been altered, which immediately exposes forgeries.

Access the visual explanation of blockchain certificates created by our customer zrhbrg. here


What we perceive as luxury is changing. Some attributes like proximity and exclusivity remain, while others like sustainability are new. Sustainability and craftsmanship are becoming luxury. In particular, younger consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of luxury goods. With zrhbrg.., we want to do much more than promote a brand-driven offering or capitalize on the rise of online sales, but to spread understanding of the history and aesthetics behind a Swiss watch. The solution provided by Adresta incorporates this vision.

E. Limbach Founder, zrhbrg.


New service for watch owners

Adresta allows us to position our brand as digital frontrunners and issue blockchain-based certificates to our customers. With the digital-first approach of Adresta, we can give our customers new insights into our brand and allow them to experience our watches digitally. We push sustainability since we don't need to print all the paper anymore. Instead, we send additional documentation and communication digitally and direct to our consumers.

R. Baumgartner Owner, RB Baumgartner


Service and repair becomes an experience

LABHART Chronometrie & Goldschmiede is a retailer in the heart of St. Gallen with a 135-year tradition. They have various renowned brands from the watch industry and have their own goldsmith. In cooperation with Adresta, LABHART Chronometrie & Goldschmiede wants to set up a digital track and trace for the service and repair of watches. This digital service allows customers to check the service or repair status easily and quickly via a website. Furthermore, it also gives customers access to a digital certificate for their timepiece.


Adresta will allow us to give our customers new insights. With the Adresta solution, we can keep our customers updated regarding their watch service and repair process. Once we go live, this will allow us to keep our administration low since the customer now finds all relevant information about the watch repair on the Adresta platform.

R. Prader Owner, LABHART Chronometrie & Goldschmiede


Authentication made easy

Adresta built up their authentication service together with Munich Wrist Busters. Owned by two young Germans, Munich Wrist Busters started on Instagram and grew their community fast. Experienced in busting fake watches on social media, they were getting many messages from people requesting such an authentication service. The goal was to structure the process so that MWB receives all the relevant information to authenticate the watch and avoid back and forth communication. Digital pickup service was integrated into the workflow. Another requirement was to integrate the e-commerce shop within the project. Adresta built up the authentications service in less than three months, was integrable with Shopify, and white-labeled the MWB watch safe based on Adresta’s watch owner application.


The Authentication service is essential to our users. We are close to our community and get daily requests about the authenticity of watches. We can increase the trust level for future secondhand trades with our service. With Adresta, we can finally structure this into a digital process and add value to our company and followers.

Robin + Leon Founders, Wrist Busters


What's my watch worth?

Zeitzone is one of the best service centers and a valuation expert. Zeitzone uses the Adresta SaaS to create digital identities for products and issue a valuation certificate stating the condition and value. Adresta reduced the time needed for the existing process and created a digital experience.


I believe that the unique solution that Adresta offers is a key factor in enhancing the emotional bond between my customer and the Zeit Zone Zürich AG. The solution from Adresta makes it possible to combine traditional and modern watchmaking with the latest technology and achieve benefits for the entire economic system.

S. Bösch CEO, ZeitZone Zürich


Communicate before product shipment

The Adresta software enables CDMLEC with their brands Lebois and Airain to keep their buyers informed and share exclusive design, production or update information. CDMLEC uses the Adresta communication module to stay close with their owners already during the pre-order process. Their owners get the digital identity before the actual product is shipped. In the future, CDMLEC can select a target group of their users they wish to inform exclusively. They can narrow down the target group by choosing a specific age group, country, users owning already a particular model. After selecting the target group, CDMLEC can decide how they want to interact with those users.

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We’re offering unfalsifiable, digital proof that the watch you’re buying is genuine. It lets you keep track of your watch stats, its warranty, manual and other user documents through an app. This adds an extra virtual dimension to your watch’s history. The digital communication module is just brilliant. It allows us to engage with our customers and inform them exclusively about new releases and updates from our company. If you decide to sell your watch, the digital certificate will pass hands as well, and it will be a new chapter in your watch’s history book.

T. van Wijlick Owner, Lebois & Cie and Airain | Brands of CDMLEC


Target the right owners

HUG Uhren is a wholesale strap seller in Switzerland focused on retailers. HUG was looking for ways to interact directly with the market. HUG can attract consumers' attention through the brand page while presenting a wide range of straps and diverting them to their webshop. The brand page enables HUG to engage with its customers and send messages about the brand values and beliefs.


Adresta developed a fascinating ecosystem in the watch industry. As a Company offering straps and watch boxes, Adresta offers us the perfect environment of watch enthusiasts to position my services and company.

Fam. Hug Owners, Hug Uhrband AG


The next level care package for your end-consumer

Since 1999 Formex stands with their name for Swiss made quality, a distinctive design, and unique technical features. The quality of the components is crucial, but exceptional technical solutions are part of their DNA. Therefore, it is only logical that they also want to offer their customers the most excellent possible security. Thus, the digital insurance solution was logical to protect their customers' watches against theft, loss, and damage.

With just a few clicks, Formex customers can purchase the right insurance for them in the online store's checkout process and receive all watch & insurance information digitally and securely on the Adresta platform in a matter of seconds.


The insurance service together with Adresta allows us to give our customers an additional benefit. The insurance allows our customers to experience their watch without having to worry about damage, loss or theft.

R. Granito CEO, Formex