Leading SaaS for luxury brands and owners

The Swiss tech company sets new standards to securing digital identities for luxury goods on the blockchain.

Adresta is an official ETH Zurich Spinoff, continental Europe’s Nr. 1 university. The company is supported by Swisscom and Microsoft and uses their state-of-the-art Algorithms and Cloud-Computing Technology.

Moreover, the company is non-exclusively backed by Helvetia Insurance and built the first digital ecosystem for the luxury goods industry along with 3rd party providers, service centers and retailers.


Adresta AG builds Software-as-a-Service for the luxury goods industry, together with the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and owners. Brands redefine the ownership experience by creating NFTs for their physical products. The NFT connects the brand, owner, and third parties to a mobile-first digital ecosystem providing facilitated after-sales processes and value-added services, such as insurance.

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Adresta is a Swiss-based tech company that works under Swiss regulations and values quality.

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Ownership experience redefined

Adresta offers an easy-to-use, white-labelled, modular web application for brands, and web or native mobile applications for the owners.


Digital ecosystem

Adresta enables brands and experts to create an NFT or digital certificate for products and gives them access to a trustworthy digital ecosystem.

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Blockchain agnostic

Adresta integrates into any blockchain technology, NFT marketplace and brand system landscape.